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Finden Sie passende Jobs in Ihrer Stadt und bewerben Sie sich jetzt Über 7 Millionen englischsprachige Bücher. Jetzt versandkostenfrei bestellen The Data Science and Business Analytics Programme at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw is a four-semester program on a full-time basis that provides students with outstanding knowledge of data science. The program leads to Masters of Arts degree and is compatible with the Bologna system Request Information Master's Degrees in Data Science in Warsaw in Poland 202

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  1. M.Sc. Data Science, at Warsaw University of Technology in , . View the best master degrees here! favorite favorite_outline. Sign In . Register. My Account. Master PhD Law Bachelor MBA Healthcare Courses Online List your programs keyboard_arrow_left. Master Degrees Masters of Science Masters of Arts Universities Scholarships Student Resources Master Degrees Masters of Science Masters of Arts.
  2. Master of Science in Data Science Warsaw University of Technology Warsaw Degree: Master of Science in Data Science: Program Language: English : Admission Semester: Fall (September)Spring (February) Start Date: September 27 2020: Program Duration: 3 semesters: Fees. Semester Tuition Fees: 2400 Euro : Other Fees: The tuition fees reflected above already includes VAT and may vary with faculty.
  3. Data Science University of Warsaw, ranked n°1 at Eduniversal Bests Masters Rankin
  4. All about this master, Data Science University of Warsaw, ranked n°1 at Eduniversal Bests Masters Rankin

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Advanced Analytics - Big Data (MASTER'S DEGREE) The second-cycle studies in Advanced Analytics - Big Data at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics provide advanced knowledge and competencies in the area of the extraction and analysis of data from variety of sources The AWS (Amazon Web Services) Academy will enhance the Master in Big Data Science program even further by providing a free, ready-to-teach cloud computing curriculum that prepares students to pursue the most important certifications related to the industry, and employment on in-demand and coveted positions Our master program is a unique combination of solid mathematical background and computer science applications. Not only will you learn how to use tools, such as deep neural networks, but you will gain a profound understanding of why they work. Our staff is specialists from different subfields of data science: statistics, machine learning, optimization, analysis of big data, processing of. View all Master's Degrees in Warsaw in Poland 2021. The Master in Big Data Science is a two-year program conducted in English, which is held in collaboration with industry experts from global companies Master in Data Science, University of Warsaw. This story is full of tips probably useful for those who are going to study a Master program in Data Science at the University of Warsaw. Lasha Gochiashvili. Mar 15, 2020 · 10 min read. Jeswin Thomas at Pexels.com. A little bit of history. Since 2018 I was looking for a graduate program in Data Science in different European universities. I will.

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Data Science Warsaw to największa społeczność data science w Polsce, z siedzibą w Warszawie. Jesteśmy organizacją non-profit działającą na rzeczy wymiany myśli i wiedzy na temat data science, inżynierii danych i tzw. sztucznej inteligencji. Organizujemy duże spotkania (do 250 os.) i wspieramy konferencje (np. Data Science Summit, Infoshare). Naszym celem jest dyskusja narzędzi. Fully hybrid between Data Sciences, Business Analytics & Digital Strategy. Students must master theory, methodology, uses and applications. 50% of students have a background in Engineering, Mathematics or Computer Science and 50% have studied Economics or Management before. Also, 50% have some professional experience. Students can take up to 18 advanced elective courses without limitations Data science is an interdisciplinary field of scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured, similar to data mining

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Data Science degrees teach students to use scientific techniques to extract insights from data. Big Data studies prepare specialists who work with large collected databases, by showing students how data mining, programming, and data visualisation work, and how to make predictions. Big Data courses approach business adaptability and sustainability and help you understand markets and customer. Warsaw University of Technology and Hawk-e Sp. z o.o. signed a cooperation agreement A letter of intent between WUT and Hawk-e was signed on April 12, 2021. The agreement concerns cooperation in the field of unmanned systems technology and is related to the Aviation Research Center of the Warsaw University of Technology, which is being built at the airport in Przasnysz Search Postgraduate Degrees, Master's degree. Database of fields of study in Europe Warsaw University of Technology together with Nethone are calling graduates of all Polish universities to submit their MA theses to the Data Science Masters competition. The competition offers cash prizes and an opportunity to participate in a research and development project run by Nethone for one of the participants Mannheim Master in Data Science, 2 year full-time on campus program, covering Data Management, Data Mining and Text Mining, M.Sc. in Data Science; Poland. Warsaw School of Economics' M.A. in Advanced Analytics - Big Data; Kozminski University's M.A. in Big Data Analytics; Portugal. NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS) offers 7 Masters, a doctorate program, and several.

The Master's programme in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology combines molecular and cell biology, computer science and mathematical modelling to integrate vast amounts of biological data into fundamental knowledge. You will develop a strong feel for scientific research and high levels of abstraction, and learn to combine the rapid developments in these fields

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  1. Der Mannheim Master in Data Science ermutigt Menschen wie mich, die nicht aus der Informatik kommen, im neuen Berufsfeld Data Science Fuß zu fassen. Der Studien­gang ist sehr innovativ und kombiniert Kurse in Statistik und Mathematik mit Kursen in Daten­management und Datenanalyse
  2. ing. Wikipedia. Science . Science (from Latin scientia, meaning knowledge) is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and.
  3. Graduates of a Bachelor's program in data science, statistics, mathematics, computer science, or a related field can be admitted to this Master's program (if necessary, after satisfying certain specified conditions). For this, the Bachelor's degree must have been completed with at least a final grade of good (at least 2.5)
  4. Overview. The Data Science program from the Warsaw University of Technology provides the in-depth knowledge and skills needed to process and analyse growing volumes of data.. Students learn about data processing and analytical techniques used for structured data and unstructured data. Particular emphasis is placed upon natural language processing and the analysis of network data including the.
  5. The Data Science and Business Analytics Programme at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw is a four-semester program on a full-time basis that provides students with outstanding knowledge of data science. The program leads to Masters of Arts degree and is compatible with the Bologna system.Data science combines different scientific methods to extract information from data.

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Master of Science in Data Science Teaching language. English; Languages. The programme is taught in English. Programme duration 4 semesters Beginning Winter semester Application deadline. 1 June. Tuition fees per semester in EUR None Combined Master's degree / PhD programme No Joint degree / double degree programme No Description/content. The interdisciplinary field of data science deals with. Open days are a great way to help you make your decision about DBS and learn more about the Master of Science (MSc) in Data Analytics. As well as experiencing our outstanding facilities, you'll have the opportunity to receive personalised advice from academics from your subject area, meet current postgraduate students and also have your questions answered on general subjects such as entry. Master of Science in the programme name. Application deadline: Thursday, 15 July, 2021. Language: EN. Day of semester start: Friday, 1 October, 2021. Credits (ECTS): 120. Description: The Data Science program provides an in-depth knowledge and skills needed to process and analyse growing volumes of data. Students learn about data processing and analytical techniques used for structured data. While Data Science and Big Data courses offer a well-rounded education, it is impossible to be an expert in everything related to data. After graduation, you'll have to choose an area on which you want to focus. Some of the most popular specialisations are Data Engineering, Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Database Management, Data Visualisation, and others

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Data science is the process of using algorithms, methods and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data. It applies advanced analytics and machine learning (ML) to help users predict and optimize business outcomes.. IBM data science solutions empower your business with the latest advances in AI, machine learning and automation to support the full data. The multidisciplinary online data science master's curriculum draws upon computer science, social sciences, statistics, management, and law. Students use the latest tools and analytical methods to work with data at scale, derive insights from complex and unstructured data, and solve real-world problems. Flexible Program Paths. The 27-unit, online program is designed for the working. Mit Deinem Master Studium Data Science wirst Du zum Spezialisten für die Schlüsseltechnologie der Zukunft. Du erwirbst fundierte theoretische und praktische Kenntnisse über die Entwicklung und Anwendung von Software- sowie Big-Data-Technologien. Zudem bekommst Du umfangreichen Einblick in wissenschaftliche Diagnosemethoden, so dass Du in der Lage bist, auch bei komplexen Fragestellungen. Für unseren Master Data Science und IT-Sicherheit (M.Sc.) benötigen Sie mindestens 30 ECTS in Modulen mit informationstechnischem Schwerpunkt. Fehlen Ihnen entsprechende fachspezifische ECTS, können Sie diese durch einen Zertifikatskurs aus dem Cluster Informatik der Hochschule Fresenius erwerben. Für diesen Masterstudiengang benötigen Sie Kenntisse in den Bereichen Grundlagen der.

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MORE THAN JUST A DATA SCIENCE AND BUSINESS ANALYTICS MASTER PROGRAMME . APU's MSc in Data Science and Business Analytics programme is designed to provide you an edge with the latest technologies that are in line with the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Digital Transformation for IR4.0: ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS • Bachelor's degree with minimum CGPA of 2.75 out of 4.00, or its. If they meant that jobs in data science are increasing dramatically, that data scientists can work in fields as diverse as health, retail or ecology, and that data scientists are commanding high salaries, then they were spot on. After all, we're creating more than 2.5 exabytes of data every day. Someone needs to make sense of it all. A course tailored to you. You'll enter the Master of Data. Data Science Warsaw is a community of data scientists based in Warsaw. We are a non-profit professional organisation dedicated to the free, open, dissemination of data science. We meet to discuss the tools, methods and technologies used to ingest, transform, explore, analyze; visualize data, obtain predictive ; prescriptive insight, develop data products, and exploit business opportunities.

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Der Mannheim Master in Data Science soll kompletter Mist sein. Ein Matheprof. hat mir persönlich gesagt, dass das Programm nicht einmal Fachhochschul-Niveau habe (Prof. hatte keinen Grund biased zu sein, da nicht auf irgendeine Weise involviert). Gut soll dagegen anscheinend der Data Science Elite Master (dummer Name) an der LMU sein Der Master Data Science ist in den meisten Fällen als Präsenzstudium ausgerichtet. Darüber hinaus gibt es Angebote, die ein Data Science Masterstudium als berufsbegleitende Variante anbieten, zum Beispiel als Data Science Fernstudium. Das Angebot ist diesbezüglich zwar noch nicht riesig, aber falls du schon mit beiden Beinen im Berufsleben. Data Science lebt von mathematischen Methoden mit starken Bezügen zur Informatik. Unser Masterstudiengang ist daher offen nicht nur für Absolventen aus der Mathematik, sondern auch mathematiknaher Disziplinen wie Informatik, Elektrotechnik und Physik. Diese Absolventen werden automatisch zugelassen, aber auch Absolventen anderer Studiengängen können nach Einzelfallprüfung zum Data Science. Master of Science in Data Science Teaching language. English; Languages. English. Programme duration 4 semesters Beginning Winter and summer semester More information on beginning of studies Winter semester start is recommended. Only EU citizens can also begin in summer semester. Lectures start on 25 October 2021. www.calendar.uni-trier.de Application deadline. Non-EU citizens: 31 May 2021 for. Data Science ist eine der wichtigsten Disziplinen des digitalen Zeitalters. Nahezu alle Objekte und Prozesse der physischen Welt werden nach und nach in der digitalen Welt abgebildet: Internet-der-Dinge, Industrie 4.0, Big Data und Soziale Medien sind nur einige von vielen Trends, die diesen Vorgang beschreiben

Back in 2017 we ran a series of articles looking at the Best Masters in Data Science and Analytics, looking at Online courses, courses in America/Canada and in Europe. Well, we've updated that list now with the latest details, fees and university rankings, as well as adding a whole bunch of new countries and courses. As before, the costs are limited to full-time tuition and most of them do. Data Science (Master´s programs) Mathematics (Master of Education) Mathematics (Master´s programs) Physics (Master of Education) Department of Philosophy and Humanities. Applied Literary Studies - Contemporary Literature (Master´s programs) Classical Greek Philology (Master of Education) Classical Philologies (Master´s programs) Culture and Media Management (Master´s programs) Dance. MI² is a group of mathematicians and computer scientists that love to play with data. We are spread between Warsaw University of Technology and University of Warsaw. Data Lab is our creative space. Here we are forging new ideas, creating tools, solving problems, doing consulting and sharing our positive attitude. Members. Przemysław Biecek. Artificial Intelligence, PhD, Principal Data.

Der Master Data Science wird zum WS 2021/22 voraussichtlich die beiden Spezialisierungen Data Sciences in the Life Sciences und Data Science Technologies beinhalten. Die Studien- und Prüfungsordnung wird aktuell überarbeitet. - Konsekutiver Masterstudiengang. Fachbereich Erziehungswissenschaft und Psychologie Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik. Ansprechpartner/-in. Prof. P. Der Master Data Science setzt den Fokus vor allem auf aktuelle Entwicklungen im Software- und Infrastruktur-Engineering sowie den Bereich Big Data-Technologien. Du lernst dabei, Deine Lösungskompetenzen auszureizen und datenwissenschaftliche Probleme methodisch, gezielt und folgerichtig anzugehen. Im Masterstudium Data Science hast Du die Wahl zwischen einem Studium zu 100 % auf Englisch oder. Big Data analysieren und verstehen Seit einigen Jahren ist der Begriff Big Data das Buzzword schlechthin. Zahlreiche Unternehmen erkennen den enormen Wert, den analytische Szenarien auf der Basis von Big Data haben können, sowie deren Auswirkungen auf Business Intelligence allgemein sowie speziell auf Produktentwicklung, Produktion, Marketing, Kundenbeziehungsmanagement und letztlich. Bei erfolgreichem Abschluss des Studiums wird der Grad Master of Science (M.Sc.) verliehen. Berufliche Perspektiven Data Scientists gehören in Berlin, Deutschland und weltweit zu der am meisten gefragten Berufsgruppe mit den höchsten Einstellungsgehältern. Sämtliche Partnerunternehmen fördern den Studiengang auch deshalb, weil dringend Absolventinnen und Absolventen gesucht werden. Der.

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Excel in Data Science, one of the hottest fields in tech today. Learn how to gain new insights from big data by asking the right questions, manipulating data sets and visualizing your findings in compelling ways. In this MicroMasters program, you will develop a well-rounded understanding of the mathematical and computational tools that form the basis of data science and how to use those tools. The interdisciplinarily structured master's degree in data science combines content from computer science, mathematics, information systems, and the natural sciences. Core courses provide you with an overarching understanding of machine learning and deep learning, statistical data analysis, data assimilation, business analytics, and big data infrastructures. More specialized courses help you. Please find up-to-date information for students on the coronavirus on this The University of Bonn supports and fosters the arts and sciences as a crossroads between research and teaching. As a comprehensive university (universitas litterarum), it builds on its wide range of academic disciplines to spark academic interest in young people and help them develop their individual potential and.

Master of Arts, Master of Science and extra-occupational Master's degree programs. Master's degrees. Deepen and sharpen your subject matter knowledge gained with your Bachelor's degree: On this page you will find what you need to know about the Master's academic degree. Follow-on or continuing education Master's programs . The Bachelor's degree is followed by the Master's degree. These. Python related videos and metadata powering => . Contribute to pyvideo/data development by creating an account on GitHub This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By further use you consent to HHU using cookies when you visit this website

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The Master of Data Science for Public Policy (MDS) brings together passionate students from both technical and social science backgrounds to deepen their analytical skills and develop an in-depth understanding of the policy world. During this two-year master's they learn how to leverage algorithmic decision-making to tackle some of the most complex challenges of our time with data-driven. Berufsbegleitendes Master Studium zum Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Big Data & Business Analytics | FOM Hochschule - Studium neben dem Beruf Beratung. Wir beraten Sie gerne. 0800 1 95 95 95 (aus Deutschland) 0800 29 12 03 (aus Österreich) Wir rufen Sie kostenlos zurück studienberatung@fom.de WhatsApp 0800 1 95 95 95. Mit dem Master Data Science im Fernstudium an der AKAD meistern Sie diese Aufgaben mit Leichtigkeit. Sie bringen Ordnung und Struktur in das Daten-Chaos und helfen dabei, die gewonnen Informationen zu visualisieren und zu deuten. Neben Big Data beschäftigen Sie sich sowohl mit Maschinellem Lernen, Deep Learning und Künstlicher Intelligenz: So bietet Ihnen dieses Master. Our top data science master's degree program is offered through the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University. They offer a Master of Science in Business Analytics and Information Management that uses an analytical business approach to prepare students to become industry leaders. The rigorous curriculum allows students to develop proficiencies using technologies like Python and. Data science lies at the intersection of statistical methodology, computational science, and a wide range of application domains. The program offers strong preparation in statistical modeling, machine learning, optimization, management and analysis of massive data sets, and data acquisition. The program focuses on topics such as reproducible data analysis, collaborative problem solving.

Local admission restrictions with a selection procedure (ONC) apply. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available study places, a selection is made on the basis of the final grade of the first study programme Data scientists use mathematical, computational, statistical and algorithmic techniques to solve analytically complex data problems. In our Master of Science in Data Science (MScDS), you will engage in research and hands-on applications of data science in the classroom and through industrial projects, using cutting-edge techniques and algorithms. You will work on models of practical, existing.

UMBC offers a 10-course Data Science Master's program (M.P.S. in Data Science) as well as a 4-course post-baccalaureate certificate in Data Science. COVID-19 updates for the Fall 2021 semester. Master's Program. Certificate Programs. Accelerated BS/MPS. Through our program, students will develop an in-depth understanding of the basic computing principles behind data science, including data. Data Science @ Uni Vienna is a research network at the University of Vienna that presents a hub on all activities in data science at the University of Vienna. Our primary focus is to bring researchers from different areas together to work on and solve several of the challenges that this new field presents. To this end we will primarily be driven by application problems whose solution requires. Studienabschluss: Master of Science Regelstudienzeit: 4 Semester Studienbeginn: jeweils zum Sommer- und Wintersemester Das Studium ist durchgängig englisch-sprachig konzipiert. In der heutigen globalisierten Wirtschaftswelt tragen Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten zur Modellierung und Analyse von großen und komplexen Daten zum Wettbewerbsvorsprung aller Wirtschaftsbereiche bei. Die Entwicklung. Das Data Science Fernstudium bereitet dich darauf vor, wie du gewinnbringend für Unternehmen arbeiten kannst. Du lernst, Datenmengen zu verarbeiten, zu interpretieren und so aufzuarbeiten (inhaltlich und graphisch), dass Teamleiter, Geschäftsführer und Co daraus sinnvolle Empfehlungen, Geschäftsmodelle oder das Verhalten von Kunden herauslesen können

Data science is a driving force of today's information age. The specialized ETH Master's program in data science, offered in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics as well as the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, provides a high quality education geared towards nurturing the next generation of data scientists Master Management & Data Science an der Graduate School: Sie wollen nicht den berufsbegleitenden Master Data Science studieren, sondern sind auf der Suche nach dem englischsprachigen Vollzeit-Masterstudiengang Management & Data Science?Diesen finden Sie an der Leuphana Graduate School

Master Mathematics in Data Science an der TUM: Fit für Big Data! Alles über Studieninhalte und die Kooperation der Fakultäten für Mathematik und Informatik

The way to create the world's biggest data science community. Structure. Type. Number of people. Frequency. Speakers . Competition length. Online. 5 MM. Always. Everyone. 3-4 months. More About Kaggle. Offline and online. 100-400 per event. 4-5 per year. Grandmasters. 9-11 hours. More About Event. Offline and online. 50-200 per meetup. 3 - 5 per year per city. Masters, Grandmasters. None. Data Science - Master of Science. Überblick . Der zweijährige Masterstudiengang Data Science baut auf dem gleichnamigen Bachelorstudiengang auf und kann sowohl im Winter- als auch im Sommersemester begonnen werden. Er ist ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt der Fakultäten für Statistik, Informatik und Mathematik unter Federführung der Fakultät Statistik. Da sich die Aufgabenbereiche in diesem. Der Fernstudiengang Big Data und Data Science unterteilt sich in fünf Studienbereiche. In Mathematik und Technik sowie Informatik vermitteln wir Ihnen die notwendigen IT-Grundlagen und Elemente der Kerninformatik, darunter auch schon die für den weiteren Studienverlauf wichtigen Themen wie Programmierung, Datenbanken, Informationssysteme und Business Intelligence Name: Master of Science in Data Science Course Duration: 2 years Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota Core courses: Introduction to Data Mining, Principles of Database Systems, Applied Regression Analysis, Introduction to Parallel Computing: Architectures, Algorithms, and Programming, Introduction to Nonlinear Optimization, and Applied Multivariate Methods Mandatory tracks: Statistics, Algorithmic.

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Bachelor Data Science & Scientific Computing (Angewandte Mathematik) Die zunehmende Digitalisierung unserer Gesellschaft verspricht in nahezu allen Bereichen und Branchen - z. B. dem Sozial- und Gesundheitswesen, der Industrie, dem (E-)Handel oder der Finanzwelt - enorme Chancen und Potenzial für großen Fortschritt UBC's Master of Data Science program was designed to address this workforce gap by equipping students with the technical skills, practical experience, and most importantly, the confidence to seize opportunities in an ever-expanding field. The program is offered at both the UBC Vancouver campus and the UBC Okanagan campus, with an additional Master of Data Science in Computational Linguistics. MSc Data Science and Financial Technology For a variety of careers with employers from the financial sector, including financial planning, insurance, marketing, and investment banking. In some countries, qualifications earned by distance and flexible learning may not be recognised by certain authorities or regulators for the purposes of public sector employment or further study. We advise you. Das Fernstudium Data Science mit Bachelor-Abschluss deckt analog dem Präsenzstudium ein sehr breit gefächertes Wissens- und Qualifikationsspektrum ab. Entsprechend vielfältig sind die Tätigkeitsbereiche, mit denen Data Scientists betraut werden können. Einsatzbereiche für Spezialisten finden sich sowohl in der Privatwirtschaft als auch im öffentlichen Sektor Data Science wirft viele grundlegende konzeptionelle und ethische Fragestellungen auf, etwa inwieweit die Privatsphäre im Internet geschützt werden soll und kann und ob das klassische statistische Hypothesentesten wirklich eine gute Methode ist, um Hypothesen zu testen. Diese Fragen interdisziplinär zu behandeln, ist gleichzeitig ungemein wichtig und spannend. Hannes Winner ist Professor.

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The Mathematics in Data Science Master's program at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) rigorously prepares you for working in the future-proof area of big data. As a data expert, you are sought after in research and development, the finance sector, biotechnology and logistics, the health system, insurance companies, and IT security. Major fields of study. The main focus during the. Das ETH Master Programm in Data Science bietet eine erstklassige Ausbildung für die nächste Generation von Datenwissenschaftlern. Das Programm wird in Kooperation mit dem Departement Mathematik und dem Departement Informationstechnologie und Elektrotechnik angeboten. Die Unterrichtssprache des zweijährigen Studienprogramms ist Englisch. Computer haben die Art und Weise der Produktion. Unser Masterstudiengang Data Science (DS) umfasst insgesamt fünf Semester und ist auf die Bedürfnisse Berufstätiger abgestimmt. Beide Vertiefungsrichtungen haben einen Technologieanteil von ca. 50% und führen daher zum Abschluss Master of Science. Der Abschluss umfasst 300 ECTS und befähigt somit zur Promotion

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Data Science Master Der interdisziplinär angelegte Masterstudiengang Data Science verbindet Inhalte aus Informatik, Mathematik, Wirtschaftsinformatik und Naturwissenschaften. Basisveranstaltungen vermitteln Ihnen ein übergreifendes Verständnis von maschinellem Lernen und Deep Learning, statistischer Datenanalyse, Datenassimilation, Business Analytics und Big-Data-Infrastrukturen. Social and Economic Data Science - Master of Science. Weiterführendes Studium, das einen ersten Hochschulabschluss voraussetzt. Die heutige Informationsgesellschaft ist geprägt durch eine zunehmende Fülle an Daten aus vielfältigen Quellen wie Verwaltungsprozessen, Erhebungen, Logistiknetzwerken, sozialen Netzwerken und Experimenten. Diese Daten stellen allerdings kaum mehr als.

Data Science (MSc) Friedrich-Alexander-Universität

While other data science master's programs focus on computer science theory, this online degree equips students for leadership with an end-to-end perspective on data science. Students are prepared to solve real-world problems through expertise on contextual inquiry, data visualization and presentation. RENOWNED FACULTY. University of Michigan professors are among the most respected and. Duales Studium zum Master of Science in Data Science Deine Aufgaben. Du erlernst den Umgang mit Big Data-Technologien, wie z.B. NoSQL-Datenbanken, Apache-Hadoop und -Spark; Du befasst Dich mit sehr großen Datenmengen, Big Data-Architekturen und den dazu passenden Technologien; Du arbeitest eng mit unseren Fachabteilungen und unseren Kunden zusammen ; Neben der Analyse der Daten ist auch der.

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